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Today’s homes require the use of products that can provide more than just aesthetics, they have to provide benefits. Brook Kerith Civil & Building Projects cc was established in 2008 to take care of all industrial & domestic maintenance.  At Brook Kerith we build to client specifications, using only the finest quality of products on the market. Many home designs today call for innovative curves and angles, finding quality building materials that will fulfill these requirements can be challenging, that’s why we provide solutions for the most unique buildings, offering the largest variety of forms to suit every building project.

Product Overview

We also offer ceiling and floor technology providing a building envelope that is safe and comfortable, built at a competitive price.

  • Up to 2 times more energy efficient.
  • Up to 9 times more durable.
  • Up to 3 times more sound resistant compared to a traditional brick and mortar home.

Not only are our structures stronger and safer but they are also environmentally friendly. When you build using ICF’s, you will be saving valuable environmental resources compared to traditional building methods.
Our team is experienced, polite & sensitive to discerning client needs and preferences. We always strive to deliver a professional service on time, within budget & of the finest quality: this is our basic commitment to all our clients
We pride ourselves for listening to clients' dreams for their homes or offices and turning those into reality. Our primary goal is to bring together all elements involved in such a way as to satisfy the objective of our client completely. From start to finish, our highly skilled staff will assume total project management, through mutually agreed development and implementation stages.

Approved South African Supplier of NUDURA




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We build more than just homes, we build memories